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It is time to abolish the Union.

2017-01-30 10:32  AbolishTheUnion  actueel politiek  [permalink]

It is time to abolish the Union. Or incisively revise it, your call. A new leader is elected, and will soonish deliver the next State of the Union speach. It is not difficult to predict how it will start: "The State of the Union is strong." But in these challenged times, one may speculate it will contain some number of lies. The Union itself may not have the appearance of being in any other state than a strong one, primarily because partisan victory was upon more of the states than any prospector had foreseen. But the people are very much divided, and may be slow at reaping the benefit of hindsight.

The United States of America, as I see it, is three countries into one: An eastern seabord with longer history than the rest; a western seabord with younger infrastructure and a more liberal stance, but with a close eye on the environments, in part due to the earthquakes and drougths; and a less densily populated innermost region where the people are oriented around it's own set of drivers, such as agriculture and oil. The Union is above all a way to get these three to decently cooperate. If the Union fails, I would suggest it would be a good thing that the remnants of the Union would fall back upon these three regions.

In a new structure where the people elect the government of their region, these governments should put forward the individuals to make up a central organ, that only governs what the regions wish to share amongst them: the military, the monetary and a singular office for foreign relations.

But that's perhaps a simplistic view, that does not cater for the nuances and peculiarities required to organise a nation. Also, it is not my nation. Above all it's important there is a system that allows the people to have a say in how it is run.

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