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Bad design on Star Wars: rebuttal

2009-08-21 11:30  i1785  film  [permalink]


Know what, I don't agree. I've always found there's a nice overall feel to the StarWars univers. For example I've noticed early on that a certain percentage of the volume of a space ship is reserved for propulsion, in other words a larger ship has larger engines and more thereof.

R2-D2: ofcourse a maintenance robot has an oil squirter and welding points! R2's are designed to fit into a space-fighter on the outside, little use for a voice-chip there, especially if communication with the pilot is done via the cockpit.

C-3PO: it's right there: young Anakin put C-3PO together and probably tampered with the programming to put in a 'basic' personality. Being alone on the farm of his foster parents, you know?

Lightsabers: the lightsaber technology is passed on from master to padawan, every lightsaber is different. Also Jedi get training in swordfighting and pre-emptive action, so should know how to protect the hands. I also don't think two light-saberblades slide over eachover easily. By the way, if a hand guard would be an option, why not have a total body guard? But then neither Anakin nor Luke could lose a hand in battle...

The other items I don't fully disagree with. But I also think they've done a great job given the small budget the first movies were made on.

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