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RE v2.0

2009-05-05 23:52  i1733  dotnet  [permalink]

It's finally here! I've been working on this for a few years, here a few hours, there a few, then a long period of nothing, before I picked it up again. I wanted to get the hang of CSharp, so I selected this project to re-do. While I was re-working it, I wanted a few extra's: a better behind-the-scenes handling of communication between items when running, and an 'open' framework that is easy enough to add sets of items to. Thanks to dotnet's reflection this wasn't that hard. I may post more info about that in the future. I would have liked to make it impossible to build feedback-loops (see image), but even with the improved signals-handling, this is still possible. (Though you need to set 'pass as it comes' on the join item.)

Next was to fine-tune and test it untill it was feature-complete with the previous version. There are a few minor differences, and when loading old files some issues may turn up, but this is probably due to bugs in the old version or because the new version doesn't have connection points any more that can be both input or output (e.g. the old version had 1 connection point to either set or get text on/from the clipboard.)

Since all of the items are now defined in dll's, I've added an XML library, one of things on my personal wish-list. I may create database items later. (Or if you want to have a try, have a peek at how the dll's do it and have a go at inheriting from REBaseItem.)

Thanks to dotnet, the binaries are really small now. As a fallback, (or if you want to compare with the Delphi version), I'll leave the previous version here: RE_old.zip

Enjoy! Let me know if you have idea's, or requests, or get constructions that don't behave properly...


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