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2005-09-09 22:47  i196  freeware  [permalink]

IconSuite.zip ~289KB. Making icons for this site (and others), especially with little icons repeating on top of others to denote combinations of two concepts into a new concept, is  quite a job. Expecially if you do all of this by hand, pixel by pixel, adding transparency... Converting to PNG or something that a WebSite can use. And have all that into a single BMP for the dsWebTreeView.

Since it's such a job, of repetitive nature, it's great to write an app for. This thing helps me to create new icons, new combinations, and the template/overlay system is great for the great number of similar icons and those little exceptions that occur just once.

For now it's stuck to icons of 16x16 pixels, but if there's demand (hint hint) I might re-work those constants into settings. It exports PNG's and a single BMP read to use with dsWebTreeView. The data is stored in a IconSuite.xml file in the same directory as the exe. The IconSuite.xml file for this site can be found here IconSuite.xml.

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