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Databases inside Delphi Ecosystem

2019-10-08 22:40  lgdbdelphi  coding delphi  [permalink]

→ landgraf.dev: Databases inside Delphi Ecosystem: Webinar

Ugh, ORM? No thank you. I still need to write the full and extensive treatise about why exactly I prefer not to use ORM's, but every time I see something like "Databases in Delphi", and see the content rapidly veers toward heavy pre-moulded data-layers that bind you to things like ORM and REST API's, I regret so many people fall into this trap. Beginners think they're keeping things easy and scalable, but all hit the same wall later up when performance and complexity is letting them down hard, in part because of these basic choices made up front. I think it's very important to educate newcomers about the alternatives. There are downsides to ORM and heavy data-layers that you should know about.

Which I'm planning to address in a specific page "Why I dislike ORM's". One day. When I'm ready. For now I'll just say I'm glad I've stayed clear of them. I've looked beyond what's typically put forward as the only alternative, and went behind any platform, to talk to SQLite, PostgreSQL and MongoDB directly, unhindered. You get something working relatively quickly. It allows me to tap their full potential and have them scale right along with the front-end as it needs to grow to handle a larger volume of requests. I'm not saying it's perfect. This kind of architecture also has its downsides, but it has one big dependency less into the mix.

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