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tx as a service

2024-01-05 23:43  txsvc  coding delphi freeware  [permalink]

tx "stand alone version" is now available as an NT-service, since I added the files for xxmConv for it. (If you're interested, it's called from here.)
The original tx "stand alone version" was intended as a show-case to see if tx could work for you (and/or your team?), so it would only bind to 'local loop addresses' ('' for IPv4 and '::1' for IPv6, when available) for security.
But if you like it — and are not planning to do development on tx itself — this service version is what you need. You could install it on a server on the local network, so it's available to your entire team.
If you do want to tinker with tx itself, — it's an open source project after all — you're welcome to install xxm to host tx.xxl you build from source. (Hmm, should add a file with the steps in detail how to do that...)

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