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2005-12-05 20:12  i482  dotnet delphi  [permalink]

I started another project without a very clear goal. I was thinking about the wiki's I've written so far (in PHP and ASP/JScript twice), and the niceties of PmWiki I learned about, and I was thinking about 'something portable' to have the same working on several platforms. E.g. a website, and also a ClientSide parser to have a quicker preview when editing a WikiPage with WikiSyntax. (I understand now that WikiSyntax is a nice middle-ground between WYSIWYG HTML editing and HTML source editing.)

So I started a Delphi ActiveX DLL with a clean interface exposing the objects and a methods you could construct a wiki with. On whatever platform (ASP, ASP.Net, ColdFusion, Windows application...)

This is the source-code for now. As an attempt to not HardCode any RegEx''''es, the entire parsing-effort is done by a 'WikiParseXML' that is loaded with operation objects once (when setting the WikiParseXML property of the ApplicationSettings object), and used every data is being rendered into HTML (or anything else really, come to think of it)

WikiEngine_src.zip ~67KB

Please feel free to add any remarks or comments here, (or bugs, FeatureRequest''''s or code update proposals).

http://wikiengine.sourceforge.net/ http://www.codeplex.com/wikiengine/

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