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xxm v1.2.6.466

2023-06-05 22:28  xxm466  delphi freeware  [permalink]

It's been quite a while since I've done a release, and I regret that I wasn't able to offer more novelties with this release, but the fixes and improvements do make a solid release. By switching to Delphi Community Edition, I can now provide 32- and 64-bits editions. I have also included 32-bits binaries compiled with Delphi 7, for any case where you need to host (existing?) older *.xxl files and need the exceptions handled. Newer Delphi versions have a binary incompatibility in the exception handling, which either results in exceptions not getting handled correctly, or a new access violation thrown instead by Delphi's internal exception handling. (If you prefer running mixed-delphi-version xxm-handlers and -project-binaries, consider exposing IXxmProjectEvents1 by the project object, and use HandleException to output a suitable message.

Also be advised, if you're updating from v1.2.4 or before, Web.xxmp's will still get converted from XML to JSON. (See the v1.2.5 release notes.)

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