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xxm v1.2.7.477

2023-11-09 20:40  xxm474  delphi freeware  [permalink]

→ xxm v1.2.7.477 (→gh) (→sf)

This is a relatively small release, but the NTLM/Negotiate change is too important (for security!) to wait too long with. Also the project entry cache should provide a performance increase in almost all cases. (Strange that I haven't noticed this sooner that this was a weak point!) So, in case you have projects that use NTLM (and ContextString(csAuthUser)) to reliably identify users, It's very, very, warmly advised to switch to "negotiate":true (instead of "ntlm":true), and all should work exactly the same (for longer, and more securely). I considered just using 'negotiate' behind the scenes when "ntlm":true is set, but I deem this distinct enough to make a separate setting and I guess security is a thing we should all be actively vigilant for. So they're both there for now, and a future release could drop NTLM. (Or it could be entirely missing from 2.0...)

Plans for the next release are mainly clean-up, for example deprecating xxmLocal (R.I.P. I.E.), and xxmRun (yes, I once thought people would use xxm from a CD-ROM, register it on auto-run and have the local Internet Explorer serve dynamic web-pages from an xxm project that uses the content from the disc... What was I thinking!). xxmGecko was already deprecated (yes, I once thought people would 'enjoy' — for lack of a better word — URL's in the address bar that start with xxm://... What was I thinking!). With those out of the way I can do some more work on the underlying project entry registry, and have the project on in a good position to leave it for a while and maybe get started on 2.0... We'll see.

Update: there was a "v1.2.7.474" first, but had a bug in TXxmProjectCacheJson.FindProject, which would mingle projects between eachother when hot-reloading xxm.json... Be sure to update if you are running this version.

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