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xxm v1.2.8.500

2023-12-29 20:24  xxm500  delphi freeware  [permalink]

→ xxm v1.2.8.500 (→gh) (→sf)


Executable files xxmHttp*.exe may get misreported as malware of type Trojan horse ("Trojan:Win32/Bearfoos.A!ml" or "Trojan:Win32/Wacatac.B!ml" or others). Please configure exceptions where appropriate, or post false positive reports to your respective malware-detection-tool-vendor. Feel free to inform me of these cases. I have revised the code around the LoadLibraryW call as I suspect this is the most sensitive bit of code that the xxm handler may have in common with Trojon horse software, but I have no definitive means to be sure.

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