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2010-12-02 10:05  TMongoWire  delphi freeware  [permalink]

Delphi MongoDB Driver

A Delphi driver to access a mongoDB server. It uses jsonDoc.pas to store JSON documents. IJSONDocument maps variables onto Delphi variables of type Variant, which resembles the loose typing of JavaScript. There are three main units and two main classes to enable access to a mongo DB server:


Declares IJSONDocument and related interfaces, and the JSON function to create instances, optionally populated with data. IJSONDocument instances hold the data of a 'document', the basic unit of data mongoDB works with. A variable of type Variant can hold an interface reference to an instance, which enables embedding documents. Use Variant arrays (or IJSONArray) to store arrays of values in a document.

See also https://github.com/stijnsanders/jsonDoc#jsondoc


Declares the LoadBSON and SaveBSON procedures.

Also declares the IBSONDocArray interface which can improve processing arrays of embedded documents by keeping a reference to the underlying data stream, and only loading one document at a time, possibly re-using allocated memory for the same keys if the documents have a similar structure. Attention: take care to keep the TStream instance in existance for as long as you're planning to use the linked IBSONDocArray instance. Failure to do so can lead to privileged instruction or access violation errors.


Use an object of class TMongoWire to connection to a mongoDB server. It supports getting single items, performing inserts, updates and deletes.

Use objects of class TMongoWireQuery to query to a mongoDB server. It handles the cursor and subsequent requests to the server to get more data when needed.


Use function mongoObjectId to construct a new MongoDB-style id value.


Use procedure MongoWireAuthenticate to authenticate a newly connected TMongoWire instance. As of version 3.0 MongoDB uses a slightly modified SCRAM-SHA-1 to vastly improve security with access control. (Use mongoAuth.pas for MongoDB versions prior to 3.0.)


Use TMongoStream to load and store files in MongoDB. Internally .files and .chunks collections are used to store the data.


See the example projects for straight-forward demonstration applications that use TMongoWire.

→ https://github.com/stijnsanders/TMongoWire

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2010-12-14 15:23  i2951  delphi freeware  [permalink]

An alternative SQLite3.dll wrapper


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2010-12-14 15:24  r1619  delphi freeware  [permalink]



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