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Safari Mobile: no focus from load or timed events

2011-07-30 02:01  i2976  coding  [permalink]

On one website, I'm using jQuery to load a form into a cell of a table to edit a value on that row, and set focus to the edit field, so the user can edit or overwrite the value rightaway.

On an iPad (not sure which version it was on), the keyboard doesn't show, and the field doesn't get the focus. It takes another click onto the field to give it focus and get the keyboard to show.

Sleuthing around, it appears that this is by design! Because showing the keyboard is slow and/or intrusive?! I disagree. I think this is a clever way of degrading the user experience of using an interactive website with Safari Mobile in such a way it would get interesting to create a specific iPhone/iPad app.

Though other sources tell me this is a bug and could get fixed in future versions...

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