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A PDF website

2019-07-14 00:54  pdfweb  coding delphi internet freeware  [permalink]

I had an idea. PDF nowadays open right in the same browser window. We can thank the steady progress of the JavaScript ecosystem to make this possible. And also more secure, if I understood correctly.

Also, in a PDF you can mark text or a rectangle as a hyper-link. So it should be possible to create a dynamic website that uses PDF instead of HTML, right? One way of looking at it is that PostScript in PDF is a way to layout things on your page just like HTML is.

Anyway, I had to see how much of work it would take to make a proof-of-concept. So here it is, it's not much on the dynamic side, but it's a site that opens to a PDF, and links to another page of the same site.


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E-mail over HTTP: update

2019-07-19 21:11  jmap  coding computers internet  [permalink]

→  E-mail over HTTP (2012)

Ofcourse the magnificent people that are already behind the internet (that beefed-up telegraph with funky terminals) have been working silently on exactly this in general, but completely different in the details: RFC8620: JMAP

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